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A Mother’s Life Cycle In The Hospital  – Ensuring safety at every step

Bringing home a newborn baby is a wonderful feeling. On one hand the mother is not only weak and prone to external infections, but is also recovering from the changes she had undergone during pregnancy and soon after the childbirth. On the other hand this transition to life outside the mother's belly is quite challenging for the newborn baby too. Inside the mother's womb, the baby is basked in a balmy temperature. The outside environment is precarious, making her vulnerable to diseases and infections. Moreover, the ability to regulate her body temperature doesn’t fully mature until she’s a year old adding to the existing challenges. Studies say that one of the major reasons for high mother & newborn mortality rate is severe infections. Thus, making the postpartum period extremely critical both for the mother as well as the neonatal.

Understanding the importance of postpartum period, thereby ensuring a hygienic, healthy sand safe start for every newborn and mother, BabyEssentials Private Limited under the brand name BabyEssentials, for the first time ever has developed revolutionary products, made from scientifically created, disposable and degradable materials called the 'Néonatale Tissu' Fabric.  

Our unique products namely “Néonatale Delivery Kit” and “Néonatale Infection Guard Kit” along with “Néonatale Essentials” ensure hygienic and safe delivery of the mother and saves a newborn from external neonatal infections.  All the products are duly sterilized further making them free from disease causing microbes.

A recent lab test conducted by a leading International Textile Testing Agency on “Néonatale Tissu” Fabric has concluded that the “Néonatale Tissu Fabric is absolutely safe for the newborn skin and can save them from neonatal infections”.

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