Baby Essentials unique products have been carefully interwoven with the typical life cycle of a mother and the neonate in the hospital. There are four major stages starting from the Delivery Room, to Birth of a Newborn, to sending the neonate to Neonatal Intensive Care Unit/Nursing/Mother and finally both getting discharged from the hospital. Our unique product offerings have been thoughtfully devised to take care of each of these stages, thereby ensuring end to end safety and hygiene.

Our stage-wise products are as follows :

A) Néonatale Delivery Kit This complete kit takes care of all the medical consumables needed by the entire team present in the Delivery Room, during the delivery process.  


B) Néonatale Infection Guard Kit : A first-ever neonatal clothing kit, made from special 'Néonatale Tissu' Fabric that takes care of head to toe requirement of a neonate upon birth. A safe-hygienic  substitute for all clothing needs of the neonate. 

C) Néonatale EssentialsUnderstanding the significance of first seven days of life, the postpartum challenges faced by the mother, Néonatale Essentials were introduced.

D) Newborn Gift BasketBabyEssentials Newborn Gift Basket serves a perfect ‘Giveaway’ for the proud Parents. 

Ensuring safety & hygiene at every step