Our exclusive range of baby essentials clothing are made from medically accepted, scientifically developed materials called

'Néonatale Tissu Fabric', thereby ensuring safe and healthy start for every newborn. 

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Néonatale Essentials

The initial first month is extremely challenging for the newborn’s mother. From countless nappy changing sessions, to spotted dresses, to untidy foot covers, smelling bedcovers, the list is endless. While diaper comes as a handy solution to the biggest problem, however, they are extremely unsafe and unhygienic for the sensitive skin of the newborn. Many times, it leads to severe infections and rashes.  To counter these problems, BabyEssentials has developed Newborn Essentials.

Made from Néonatale Tissu Fabric, these disposable baby essentials like Absorbent Nappy, Bib, Foot cover, Mittens, Wipes,  Baby carrying sheet come in handy and are safe and free from disease causing microbes.

Some of the items included in BabyEssentials “Néonatale Essentials”

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