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Some of the items included in BabyEssentials “Néonatale Delivert Kit”

Néonatale Delivery Kit

BabyEssentials “Néonatale Delivery Kit” is a step towards ensuring a hygienic delivery for every mother.  Unlike other Delivery Kits, the Néonatale Delivery Kit brings together all the disposable medical consumables* required during a delivery into a whole. In addition, the kit also contains BabyEssentials “Néonatale Infection Guard Kit” (for the newborn), to ensure her a safe start. 

The fabric used in the kit are structured to provide breathability and wearability. The outer layer of the fabric has fluid repellent properties. The innermost layer provides softness for surgeon's comfort.

This hypoallergenic kit is duly sterilized either through ETO gas or gamma sterilization process, before it is finally packed in open and peel pouch, reducing the risk of germs and making it free from disease causing microbes like anaerobic bacteria, aerobic fungi and aerobic heterotrophs.

Separate Kits are provided for both the kinds of Deliveries (i) Normal Delivery (ii) C-Section Delivery 

(i) ​Néonatale Delivery Kit (Normal)
The kit comprises of surgical gown, delivery gown, patient sheet made from a special fabric, I-bands and a revolutionary Néonatale Infection Guard Kit for the infant made from a unique Néonatale Tissu Fabric. 

(ii) Néonatale Delivery Kit (C-Section) 

The kit comprises of doctor’s surgical gown, delivery gown, C-section drape made from special fabric,I-bands and a revolutionary Néonatale Infection Guard Kit made from a unique Néonatale Tissu Fabric. This duly sterilized kit is hygienic and free from microbes. It further helps reducing hospital infections.

* Does not include medical instruments/ equipments.