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Real image of BabyEssentials' Newborn Gift Basket

Celebrations are much enjoyed when they come as a surprise. The birth of a newborn is the biggest celebration for any parent; however, the fear of unpreparedness makes it less enjoyable.  At BabyEssentials, we understand the importance of celebrating the moment, as our 'Newborn Gift Baskets' take care of the immediate needs and necessities of the newborn, while ensuring a healthy and safe start. 

BabyEssentials Newborn Gift Baskets

BabyEssentials’ Newborn Gift Basket is especially designed for the hospitals to welcome the newborn and

celebrate with the proud parents.

Made from a skin friendly woven fabric of cotton or hosiery, the basket is designed ensuring head to toe

requirements of your newborn are fulfilled. In addition, the entire set is duly sterilized before it is finally

packed, thereby reducing the risk of disease causing microbes.Crafted in gender-colors, Blue and Pink,

the basket ensures that head to toe necessities of a newborn is taken care of.

Newborn Gift Basket comprises of:

  • A headgear or a cap
  • A baby suit
  • Pair of mittens
  • Pair of foot covers
  • A baby carrying sheet
  • Breathable and an easily dryable bedcover

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