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Disposables have fluid control and multilevel barrier against infections. Latest World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines recommend use of disposable medical consumables, for safe and hygienic operative procedures.  Moreover, disposable fabric has become a cost effective option for hospitals and healthcare centers . With a vision to  help control these infections transmitted during operative procedures, and with a special focus on ensuring safe delivery and healthy start for a newborn, Baby Essentials Private Limited was incorporated. 

Baby Essentials Private Limited under the brand name of BabyEssentials 
TM ,  manufacture products made from disposable and degradable fabric, namely "Néonatale Tissu" Fabric. All are products have been carefully designed by working extensively with clinicians, surgeons and trained technicians. We have adopted latest stitching/pressing techniques. All our products are duly sterilized with EO sterility and are packed in a medical grade peel open pouch to ensure maximum safety against disease causing microbes.  

All our products take care of the end to end requirement, for instance, BabyEssentials “Néonatale Delivery Kit” is one of its kinds, as one single kit, ensures that all medical consumables requirements of the gynecologist, mother and the newborn is taken care off. In addition, BabyEssentials revolutionary “Néonatale Infection Guard Kit” along with “Néonatale Essentials” , have been conceptualized for the first time ever.  

 Our exclusive range of baby essentials clothing are made from medically accepted, scientifically developed materials called

'Néonatale Tissu Fabric', thereby ensuring safe and healthy start for every newborn.