We believe, it is a right of every Newborn & her Mother to have a safe & hygienic start in life, and to provide so, is a joint responsibility of the family, community, and government. ​

BabyEssentials’ Partners have always played a pivotal role in its success. Thank you all for believing in our Belief ! You are the reason we stand strong !


BabyEssentials' first-ever, innovative range of Neonate products, have received a lot of appreciation across, and have been recommended by ESIC, New Delhi .

BabyEssentials' ‘Néonatale Tissu’is a special, scientifically developed, lint free  fabric that reduces the risk of cross infections, ensuring a hygienic start for every Newborn.

washing a reusable reduces its Bacterial Filtration Efficiency ?

are we choosing the right clothes for our newly born ?

                                                                                                                            let's know about the right fabric ' Néonatale Tissu '

our unique
lint free fabric

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