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In an Indian context, wearing old clothes by a newborn is considered auspicious. However, many times these clothes are not only worn out but carry disease causing microbes, leading to neonatal infections. In addition, postpartum, a newborn is also susceptible to acquire infections from external sources such as an infected mother, healthcare practitioners, hospital environment etc.

Further, a recent study by WHO and UNICEF, concluded that one of the major reasons for high newborn mortality rate is because of severe neonatal infections. Moreover, the risks of maternal mortality and morbidity are also highest at birth and in the immediate postnatal period. Studies say that the early postnatal period – the first seven days of life – is the most critical period for any newborn.

To address the above issues and to ensure a healthy start for every newborn and mother, Baby Essentials Private Limited under the brand name 'BabyEssentials', for the first time ever has introduced revolutionary products, made from scientifically developed, disposable and degradable materials called the 'Néonatale Tissu' Fabric.

Our revolutionary products namely “Néonatale Delivery Kit” and “Néonatale Infection Guard Kit”along with “Néonatale Essentials” can not only ensure hygienic and safe delivery of the mother, but can also help save a newborn from external neonatal infections.  While, “Néonatale Infection Guard Kit” contains baby essentials like a shirt, pair of mittens/footcover, absorbent nappies, wrapping sheet, etc. as needed immediatly upon birth of the newborn. Our “Néonatale Essentials” are especially designed to ease the mother during the initial days of newborn birth​. All our products are duly sterilized, keeping them safe from disease causing microbes.

According to the lab test conducted by a leading International Textile Testing Agency on “Néonatale Tissu” Fabric, concludes that the “Néonatale Tissu Fabric is absolutely safe for the newborn skin and can save them from neonatal infections”.

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 Our exclusive range of baby essentials clothing are made from medically accepted, scientifically developed materials called

'Néonatale Tissu Fabric', thereby ensuring safe and healthy start for every newborn.